Bolts - 2

These bolts are 42 wide and are available in lengths 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 450, 600, but can be made to whatever length is required. They are supplied with the keeps illustrated. Other sockets and keeps are available to suit all fixing applications.

A locking version of this bolt is available – please add ‘L’ to the product code.

274XX Bolt 100mm £75.00 each
274XX Bolt 150mm £88.00 each
274XX Bolt 200mm £101.00 each
274XX Bolt 250mm £110.00 each
274XX Bolt 300mm £132.00 each
274XX Bolt 450mm £163.00 each
274XX Bolt 600mm £198.00 each
For locking versions, please add £10.00

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27491 rosewood with antique brass finished components


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